Cheat Treat for Gaming

The video games world is growing leaps and bounds thanks to the number of application-oriented mobile phones available to pick from. What does one nowadays in order to find a better way to pass time and earn some extra points along the way? The mobile phone has come handy in this as well providing you with the game that is most interesting.

Here, we are discussing the gamers new habit-forming activity called candy crush and it has been easy how to cheat on candy crush. Generally, this colorful game cheat carries rewards such as getting unlimited lives, one can restart at any desired level, it has got daily spinner wheel and on top of it all, it has the top ten tips to be aware of at all times.

Starting A Game:

At the start, one must remember that this works only on Android and iOS phones. Here, the android devices chosen can be phones as well as tablets. Here, one can alter the date by one day which gives you at least five more lives, the method to do this also very easy and when one waits for a few moments, it synchronizes automatically and you can start the game. These game plans are also explained on video as well.


One can restart the game at any level: and you can use a mobile phone with android applications and tablets, and phones such as a windows phone also. This will not work on facebook etc. When the level starts, don’t touch any button, but after a while, you can click the exit button, which again takes you to the level button and you can choose the level you want to start with. This will not work on timed levels. Take some time to watch the video provided just for this cheat.


In the candy crush game, there is another option called the daily booster wheel where you can have a free booster every twenty-four hours. In this one can start to spin the wheel and when the wheel slows down one can win the eight reward boosters that are given in the picture. The boosters include jellyfish, color bomb, lollipop hammer, free switch, coconut wheel, lucky candy, and lastly jackpot. Remember, one gets a booster once in twenty-four hours only. And this application cannot be carried out on facebook etc and you may not able to share the boosters. The chances of hitting the jackpot are very small.


The gamers are given important tips in order to stay ahead in the game and not lose lives. For example, before you begin, you have to study the board thoroughly, plan ahead of every two or three levels so that you need not repeat the same level several times, then restart the level you want and reshuffle it sometimes so that you do not waste lives and on the contrary have more lives. Do not wait for thirty minutes and do not ask your friends for lives. This cheat will give you unlimited lives.

When you start, start at the bottom and keep clearing the way up and these moves will win you more candies.mix up the special candies along with the others rather than using them up as fast as you win them. Mixing up gives more rewards than using them individually. Your focus should be around the whole board and not stick to one particular spot. By doing this you can be looking for any new opportunity that arises from all angles. Focus on the time on the bomb candies, clear the jellies on the edges. These tips might give you all the important moves which can help how to cheat on candy crush. Go ahead and play!

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