Different Types Of Running Contests

It’s said that running is a complete exercise because every part of the body gets involved in it. In that sense, running is a sport that is not just about competitiveness but also about physical endurance. There are several different race formats played at both professional and non-professional levels. No matter at what level a race is being contested, it always produces a winner.

Therefore, participation in a running race can help an individual in maintaining a competitive temperament. If a person is keen on participating in races, then they must get steel medal hangers beforehand. An empty medal holder will continue to push a person for a win.

There are primarily four types of running contests.

1) Short Distance Races

Also known as sprints, short distance races entail a spurt of fast running. The most popular short distance race is a 100-meter sprint that on average lasts within 20 seconds. However, it is considered one of the trickiest contests at the professional level by experts because of the amount of training that goes into its preparation.

Apart from this, 100, 200 and 400-meter running contests are also categorized as short distance races. School sports festivals usually organize short distance races in their schedules.

2) Medium Distance Race

A medium distance race can lie somewhere between 800 and 1500 meters. These races require a mix of physical power and endurance. A good warm-up is a prerequisite of any medium distance race.

3) Long Distance Races

From 5000 meter to classical marathon consisting of over 26 miles, there is an entire range of long-distance races. These races are not everybody’s preference. Moreover, one just can’t go directly into a long distance running the contest.

Intense training, weight management and strengthening of lower limbs are some of the requirements of these endurance-testing races. Non-athletes also participate in 5,000-meter races to test their physical strength and stamina.

4) Hurdle Races

These races are conducted at a racetrack that is decked with hurdles at regular intervals all the way to the finish line. To bring a hurdle race medal to one’s medal hanger, the athlete doesn’t just need physical strength. A hurdle race is also about maintaining good coordination of body movement and forward thrust to scale the obstacles.

To make the joy of victory last longer, have them displayed on metal holders. Victory Hangers can help people in getting their winning souvenirs sorted in one place through a range of customized options.

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