Want to Be in the Top Ranks Then Try Elo Boosters

This is not very new in the market. In the time when the world of Warcraft is very new and growing very much faster than Apple’s share price, at that time there is a huge illegal market for gold farming. You have to pay only a tenner for 100 gold and then someone from somewhere would be sitting and playing the wow all day long. He would be doing gold farming spots, selling the items and also making loads of in-game money. This needs to be sold for the dosh of real life.

This wow token which is an official item can be bought with the real money and then it can be sold to another player for all the credits in-game. This token would also be redeemed within 30 days of the game time which would be equivalent to 9.99 pounds. The farming of gold still exists on a smaller scale. There are still various accounts which are been bought and sold today also. It is very difficult to stamp out the ego boosters.

How much do Boosters are Making?

When a competitive player of UK Overwatch Lucifer has ashed about the reason for elo boosters then he got the answer as ‘he is earning in the bank while present at uni’.

He also claimed that he has earned about 600 pounds a month by the way of elo boosters. And if the booster is any part of the company then you could easily able to handle many accounts and make money very quickly.

The owner of the UK esports organization admitted that a Few years back the whole market is totally insane and you could only be able to earn about 1000 pound to 3000 pounds a week from elo boosters. He is running his operation with the Turkish player who is the challenger and is a high diamond.

They have employed a couple of people for elo boosters but they are scripting on the account which this UK organization do not like a bit. There are also other people who are doing this for us. 30 percent is given to them and then the rest all are split between him and his partner.

He further adds that the time when he is 11 year old at that time he was a lot of accounts due to the free available time he has. It was a very good business at that time but due to the progress in the game and the saturation in the market, they have to lower their prices and eventually it is not worthwhile anymore now.

There was a player from the UK from League of the legends have commented that the all of the boosting is translated to 5 pounds per hour which are having 80 percent of the win rates. It is basically for the people who are not doing any of the challenging jobs.

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