Game: Gta San Andreas and How to Download

GTA San Andreas was released on play station 2 by Rockstar North as an action-adventure video game in the year 2005. After ten years an advanced version was simultaneously released on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The Grand Theft Auto San Andreas was made in such a way that the player is made to play from a third-person viewpoint.

The game is set in the fictional state of U.S.A. which comprises of three metropolitan cities. The story behind is contemporary and realistic and this has made it one of the best in the sixth generation of video gaming titles and best music, story, and gameplay. Play and enjoy by GTA San Andreas


This game is based on real-life events and follows a particular person’s life, how he comes to find out about his mother’s murder and how his entire life is turned upside down. He must now hunt down the corrupt cops and unravel the truth by forming back his old gang. The crux of the story is how he achieves all this.

This video game became the best selling video game of 2004. In the play station arena, it hasn’t been dethroned to date. It is considered as one of the landmark video games along with other predecessors which had a great impact on the gaming industry. The only concern of this gaming video is it contained a lot of violence and had sexual content.

GTA San Andreas Download

The game manufacturer has made sure that the player can give the protagonist personalized experience by allowing the players to choose the wardrobe, the weapons, his physical attributes, skills, behavior, etc. the choices are provided and the player can change and set accordingly to raise the level of fun and toughness to the character. The choice of vehicles and how many he can win over and acquire through the play are also predetermined on the success rate at which the player is playing the game.

There are now many versions available for play on steam with many updates made to this version. It can be played on the mobile now which supports iOS devices with better features t9 the game from better picture quality to newer car versions. And as usual on the Xbox 360 and play station 3Now to download you can click on the GTA San Andreas Download website or link and get the link. Here the hot mod patch is entirely removed in the new version so as to protect the interests of children and parents.

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