Everything You Need To Know About Hunt Showdown

If you have been told how amazing this game is and you’re planning to try your hand, there are a few things you might want to know about the game. First of all, the game has been developed by Crytek, the same developer that created the amazing Crysis franchise. With an amazing reputation as that, there’s no doubt there is much buzz about the game. Here’s all that you need to know about the game.


To begin with, Hunt Showdown is a multi-player game where you can play in teams. You can have 5 teams, each team of 2 players going against each other in the game.

\While there are teams and opponents, the main aim is to kill the zombies and collect the bounty before the other teams. If this needs you to trick the other team to kill the zombie while you steal the bounty, you’re free to do so. So, you don’t really run around killing other players. Instead, you kill the zombies and be the first person to claim the bounty.

Permanent death

Another important feature of the game is the concept of permanent death, which adds a lot of realness to the game. When you choose a hunter to play the game and the hunter dies, you lose the hunter and all the items of the hunter. However, what stays is the money you have made and experience.

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Like we already mentioned, once a hunter dies, what remains is the money and experience. This experience makes it to the bloodline. Bloodline becomes a progression in the game. When a hunter dies, you can use the bloodline to unlock more weapons and other items for the new hunter. The bloodline can also help in improving the attributes of a hired hunter. However, when the hired hunter dies, your experience gets wasted too.


Another thing to keep in mind while playing this game is that Hunt Showdown is sound sensitive. There have been instances when players would spot a creature, aim at it and shoot. If you miss your target that way, you end up making noise and attracting the attention of both the creature and other players. This is why players are suggested to be low profile when they move around, hunt, or just about anything. Making sounds means inviting an attack from other players and creatures.

This is all you need to know before you start playing the game. Imagine not knowing all this and being left to figure everything out as you play! While you’ll definitely find your way in time, it makes more sense to know all of this and start playing when you’re well aware of the game. Now that you know all this crucial information about the game, you’re good to download hunt showdown free and have fun with your friends.

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